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Consultancy Services

The Online Learning Toolkit offers consultancy services for academic institutions, academic or departmental units, or individual faculty seeking to create or improve the quality of their online courses.


We have experienced first-hand the powerful learning that happens when faculty generate original course content and original instruction. The OLT team employs a practical learner-centered approach to instructional design that respects the rights of faculty in their classroom and leverages faculty expertise for the benefit of learners.

Our services cater to all skill levels. We offer an array of custom consultancy services from group professional development sessions, program planning facilitation, to individual course builds. Contact us to learn more.

A few of our keynote and workshop titles

  • The Online Lecture Toolkit: Developing Video Content from Planning to Posting

  • Optimized for Learning: Creating Effective Course Videos

  • Active Learning is for Video Too: Designing Interactive Video Content

  • Cultivating Online Learning Communities

  • Speaking in Digital Contexts: Assessing Oral Communication Competency Online

  • Just Press Pause: Create Interactive Video Content Using Pause Procedure Techniques

  • Video is for Everyone: Designing Video Assignments for Authentic Assessment and More

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