Camp Operation Online Learning (COOL) will be back in Summer 2021. 

Camp Operation Online Learning 2021

June 1, 2021 - July 6, 2021

Camp Operation Online Learning (COOL) is a six-week summer course design group that will guide you through the process of developing your online courses. Led by dynamic facilitators who are experts in online learning, COOL is dedicated to making the course design process accessible and enjoyable for higher educators at every level of experience and technology fluency.


This program is the perfect solution for faculty or institutions seeking extra and ongoing online teaching support including course design support. Stay tuned for more information about an advanced COOL cohort for Summer 2021 for educators seeking to build on their existing online learning and course design skills. 

More details TBA

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What is Camp Operation Online Learning?

We know what it’s like to experience the unique, often stressful necessity of designing a course while also teaching it (we call this the "week-ahead of our students" plan). If you know what courses are on your schedule for next year, why wait? Be COOL this summer and avoid stress with colleagues from around the world!

Camp Operation Online Learning (COOL) is a six-week summer course design group that will guide you through the process of developing your online courses. Led by dynamic facilitators who are experts in online learning, COOL is dedicated to making the course design process accessible and enjoyable for higher educators at every level of experience and technology fluency.


Throughout this experience, we will focus on simplifying your online course design by introducing you to easy-to-master methods and sustainable processes​. COOL facilitators will guide you through the process of designing and building your course from syllabus to final course assessment. You will learn how to design accessible and engaging online learning experiences and create original instructional materials using affordable, reliable, and user-friendly tools.

Join us for weekly, interactive presentations and discussions. Together, we’ll learn about course design, accessibility, assessment, and how to build spirited and engaged online learning communities. We’ll also help you build upon your teaching strengths and existing pedagogical skills so you teach your course the way you know you can. Camp Operation Online Learning leverages the power of facilitated peer review to keep you on task and on time in a fun and supportive community of practice. 

This course includes content on asynchronous online course design and teaching and synchronous-remote session planning and facilitation. 

What's included?

  • A six-week summer course design group with weekly synchronous sessions facilitated by online learning experts

  • Camp Operation Online Learning online course access 

  • Digital access to the Camp Operation Online Learning workbook

Dates: June 1 - July 6, 2021

Registration Options: 

  • Full-time Faculty - $300

  • CC/HBCU/MSI Faculty - $250

  • Adjunct Faculty and Graduate Students - $200

  • Self-paced Option (learning content only, flexibile dates)
    Register here for self-paced option - $125

  • Discounted institutional bundles available (email to inquire)

  • Financial aid is available (email to inquire)

Need online teaching and guidance support now? Join us for our Spring-On-Call online teaching support community of practice or signing up for our self-paced online faculty development course DRIVE: Online Course Design.

Does COOL sound like a program that your institution needs?

Contact to discuss group rates or if you would like us to reach out to your academic leadership or attend an online strategy meeting on behalf of faculty at your institution. 

Need ongoing online teaching support for the spring semester? Check out our Spring-On-Call community.

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COOL Facilitators


Niya Bond

Niya Bond is a seasoned online educator, with over 10 years of experience teaching English and general education courses online. She currently serves as an online English adjunct, online faculty development facilitator, and online English Subject Matter Expert (SME). Niya’s personal and professional passions collide at the intersection of online pedagogy, online faculty development, online course and curriculum design, and online communities of practice.


In addition to her roles and responsibilities in online education, Niya is also a PhD student at the University of Maine, studying online teaching and learning, with a particular focus on online faculty support structures and enhancing online pedagogy and practice. Recently, Niya has published pieces on virtual feminist pedagogyadopting online pedagogies of welcome, as well as an upcoming collaborative essay detailing the complexities of taking in-person social justice courses online during COVID-19. Connect with Niya on TwitterLinkedIn, or through her site. She is always happy to talk about anything related to online education, the latest TV shows, the books people are reading, and the benefits of dog ownership—particularly rescued bulldogs named Pancake.

Karen Costa

Karen Costa is a career higher educator with a passion for supporting students and faculty, particularly in the online learning environment. Her work is centered around teaching college success strategies to first-year students, online pedagogy, and faculty development.
Karen’s first book, 99 Tips for Creating Simple and Sustainable Educational Videos (Stylus, April 2020), focuses on helping faculty and teachers to make creative use of videos in their classrooms.
Karen is a staff writer for Women in Higher Education. Her writing has also appeared in Inside Higher Education, The Philadelphia Inquirer, On Being, and Faculty Focus. She is involved in various faculty development initiatives including as a facilitator for Faculty Guild. Connect with Karen on Twitter and LinkedIn or read more about her work

Judith Dutill

Judith Dutill is an experienced online educator with over 15 years of experience working and teaching in higher education. She currently serves as an instructional designer for the eLearning division of a large nonprofit health system. Judith is passionate about bridging the digital divide, spreading media literacy, improving communication, designing instruction, advancing online learning, connecting with peers, leveraging educational technology, and developing accessible processes. 

Judith's recent work focuses on developing faculty multimodal literacies skillsets and effective speaking in digital contexts. As adjunct faculty, she teaches online courses in public speaking, desktop publishing, and media and society. She is cofounder of the Online Learning Toolkit, a digital community of practice dedicated to excellence in online learning. Connect with Judith on Twitter and LinkedIn or follow her online teaching adventures on the OLT Blog

Clea Mahoney

Clea Mahoney is an experienced higher education administrator and educational technologist. Her "day job" includes offering virtual and in-person consultations on teaching with technology to faculty and staff. She leads the design and facilitation of webinar and in-person workshops on centrally-supported instructional technologies at NYU, and collects an embarrassing amount of cat-themed cubicle decorations. Clea has an MS in Library & Information Science from Drexel University, and is currently pursuing an MA in Digital Media Design for Learning (instructional design). Explore Clea's foray into teaching online on her blog, connect on LinkedIn, or follow her on Twitter.

Melissa Wehler

Melissa Wehler is an instructional design specialist and an experienced online learning educator. She specializes in creating community in online courses, using collaboration online, and inclusive teaching practices. She has worked in higher education for over a decade, including faculty and administration appointments. She is the co-founder of the Online Learning Toolkit, a digital community of practice dedicated to excellence in online learning, and a full-time instructional design specialist at a private, liberal arts college. You can follow her on YouTubeLinkedIn, and the OLT Blog.

COOL Curriculum

 Week 01

Learning Outcomes & Backward Design

In this session participants will learn to create an online course framework using a backward design approach.

 Week 02

Constructing a Course Syllabus

In this session participants will learn to create an online course syllabus.

 Week 03

Assessing Student Learning

In this session participants will learn online learning assessment techniques and how to close the loop on learning assessment.

 Week 04

Building Accessible Learning Modules

In this session participants will learn to create accessible templates and develop course modules through constructive alignment.

 Week 05

Creating Engaging Content

In this session participants will learn to curate and create engaging online lessons and course materials.

 Week 06

Creating an Online Classroom Community

In this session participants will learn online classroom management and community building techniques.

COOL Feedback

What campers are saying about COOL...

"I'm loving COOL and can't recommend it highly enough! If you are looking at online teaching this fall and are (like me) a beginner, this is an incredible, supportive program that will get you where you need to go. Sign up now!" 

Cate Denial, Director of Bright Institute at Knox College

"As an online course designer, instructor and an online learning researcher COOL is such a great opportunity for me to learn and grow within such a rich network of online educators and experts. COOL is the ideal place to develop your online design and teaching skills." 

Murat Turk, Teaching and Research Assistant, Fulbright Scholar in Learning Sciences at University of Oklahoma 

"The folks at the Online Learning Toolkit have created a fantastic example of robust instructional design and learner-centered pedagogy with Camp Operation Online Learning.  I appreciate that it works for course developers across a wide variety of roles, needs, and levels of experience. It has exceeded my expectations." 

Kim Myers, Assistant Director of Student Success, Curriculum and Assessment and Limited Term Lecturer in Anthropology and Sociology at Purdue University Fort Wayne

"This course is rocket fuel for online teaching. COOL abounds with strategies, resources, and tools that will help you plan, manage, and reflect on your teaching, both online and in the classroom. I highly recommend this course to anyone who teaches online, new-to-online teachers and veterans alike." 

W. Sean Chamberlin, Professor of Earth Sciences at Fullerton College

"As we pivoted from emergency remote instruction, we looked for training that could address a variety of the faculty’s skill sets, offer a flexible schedule, and promote best practices in online teaching and learning.  The COOL camp exceeded our expectations!  We particularly enjoyed the personal attention from the instructors who were very supportive and engaging.  Thank you COOL for helping us!  Next year, you can count us in as return campers to learn more!" 

Kerry Volansky, Program Director/Clinical Professor of Physical Therapy Doctor of Physical Therapy Program at Hanover College

"I'm so thankful to be a part of COOL this summer!  I was in my second semester of college teaching when we suddenly went to all online teaching.  I was in dire need of help with this transition; however, taking COOL has been much more than that. I'm looking at my course with fresh eyes by following the example COOL facilitators have set through their course design. The facilitators are available, encouraging and ready to help.  I've been amazed at the interest and investment they make in each student. They have helped me overcome some personal obstacles to better attain my professional goals. The community feel within the class is also a great support."

Michelle Baumgartner, Limited Term Lecturer, School of Education, Purdue Fort Wayne

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