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What is a course design group?

We know what it’s like to experience the unique, often frightening necessity of designing a course while also teaching it. Our course design groups alleviate this added stress. Over the course of six weeks, the OLT will help you structure an entire course from syllabus to final course assessment. Join up to eight colleagues in weekly, interactive presentations and discussions with the OLT team. Together, we’ll learn about course design, accessibility, assessment, and much more. We’ll also help troubleshoot your online course design questions and give you the tools to help you teach your course the way you know you can. Our online course design groups leverage the power of facilitated peer review to keep you on task and on time.


Upcoming Groups

Spring course groups are in-progress. Check back soon for summer course groups.

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Course Design Group Curriculum

 Week 01

Learning outcomes & Backward Design

In this session participants will learn to create an online course framework using a backward design approach.

 Week 02

Constructing a course syllabus

In this session participants will learn to apply instructional design methods to syllabus creation.

 Week 03

building accessible modules

In this session participants will learn to create accessible templates for rapid course creation.

 Week 04

creating engaging content

In this session participants will learn to develop course modules through constructive alignment.

 Week 05

assessing student learning

In this session participants will learn online learning assessment techniques and how to close the loop on learning assessment.

 Week 06

creating An Online Classroom community

In this session participants will learn online classroom management and community building techniques.

Meet the Online Learning Toolkit Team

We are college faculty and online education professionals with over two decades of combined teaching, faculty development, and instructional design experience. We use OLT as a platform for helping educators learn how to design and deliver effective online instruction using practical approaches and sustainable methods.

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