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Online course support designed for you.

Do you teach online?

If you are an educator seeking do-it-yourself online course design guidance and how-to training, we are your support team. The Online Learning Toolkit provides course design instruction and professional development sessions about online teaching techniques for higher education faculty who teach online and around the world. 

Do you support online teaching?

As instructional designers ourselves, we know that the supporters also need support sometimes. Partner with us today, and we will teach your faculty how to design and facilitate online courses in their own voices—anchored by their own authentic instruction.


Online Faculty PD Programs

Camp Operation Online Learning

Six-Week Facilitated Course & Community of Practice

Camp Operation Online Learning (COOL) is a six-week summer course design group that will guide you through the process of developing your online courses for fall. Led by dynamic facilitators who are experts in online learning, COOL is dedicated to making the course design process accessible and enjoyable for higher educators at every level of experience and technology fluency.

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Seventeen-Week Facilitated Online Teaching Support Network & Community of Practice 

COOL’s Fall-on-Call is an ongoing online teaching support community for faculty teaching in asynchronous-online, synchronous-remote, and blended/hybrid modalities during the fall semester. Fall-on-Call members receive access to live online teaching support from facilitators who are active online faculty, instructional designers, faculty developers, and experts in online learning.

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DRIVE: Online Course Design

Self-paced Course

This course prepares higher ed faculty for online teaching in asynchronous, synchronous, and hybrid online modalities; including lessons on designing online instruction, developing an online course in an LMS, and teaching online.

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OLT Subscription

Annual Subscription to OLT PD Webinars & Replays

The subscription provides access to our growing library of short courses and live webinars that teach you how to simplify online course design with easy-to-master methods and processes. 

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We are all about

Supporting online education


create original instructional materials using affordable, reliable, and user-friendly tools

simplify online course design with easy-to-master methods and processes​

design accessible and engaging online learning experiences

Staff & Admin

support your faculty through every step of the course design process from concept to assessment

develop your faculty in evidence-based online course design and teaching methods

assess and provide actionable  recommendations to improve online courses and online program quality


Meet the OLT Team

In our 20+ years in education, we have served as college faculty, instructional designers, and online education specialists. We are passionate about online teaching and learning, education development, and learner experience. We use the OLT as a platform for helping educators learn how to design and deliver effective online instruction using practical approaches and sustainable methods.

Where is the original Online Lecture Toolkit?

Long-time subscribers may remember that we started as the Online Lecture Toolkit. Now, we’ve grown into all-things-learning, but our great Online Lecture Toolkit content is still available to you for free.


The Online Lecture Toolkit is an OER website designed to provide educators with the tools they need to create engaging and effective online video content for educational purposes. The approaches outlined there are practitioner and evidence-based and designed for educators at every level of technological fluency. 

The Onine Lecture Toolkit

The Online Lecture Toolkit is a CC BY NC SA licensed resource.


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Online Learning Toolkit


Online Learning Toolkit