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About Our Instructional Design Services

As faculty with decades of online teaching experience, we know the time it takes to create engaging online courses. We also know that your time is precious, and it’s best spent with your students. Let the OLT do the designing for you. We offer done-with-you and done-for-you instructional design services where we help translate your expertise into professionally designed accessible courses.


Creating a template for your online course.

Research tells us that consistency is important for our online learners. We want them to be focused on learning the content and not learning how to navigate our course. Our OLT team will work with you to create a template that is learner-centered, accessible, and easy-to-navigate. 


Auditing your course.

Already have a great online course? Let our OLT team provide you with a complete audit of your course. We’ll review your learning outcomes, course materials, assessments, and more according to the latest standards of online teaching excellence. We’ll give you suggestions for improvements, tech tools, and approaches. 


Creating an engaging lecture. 

The OLT team will create an engaging lecture from inception to completion. We’ll work with you to identify the learning outcomes and the materials that need to be covered. From there, we’ll design a presentation using the OLT template that uses best practices for engaging learners.


Building learning modules.

Already have great online course content? Let the OLT team use your course content to build an entire learning module. This will include a checklist, overview, learning outcomes, and navigation. We’ll also audit your current materials to help you maximize the effectiveness of your delivery. 

Prepping for next semester?

We want to help keep you prepare an incredible course and stay on schedule. Join a course design group, and in just six weeks, develop an engaging learner-centered course anchored in your original content and instruction.

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