Clarity, Caring & Community-Building: Using the 3 Cs to Enhance Online Teaching and Learning Success

This webinar covers strategies for enhancing online student engagement and success. Moving through a series of specific online teaching and learning tips, we discuss ways to bring ideal online pedagogical philosophies, based around clarity, community-building, and caring, into virtual concrete practices. Finally, this webinar ends with a live conversation about how to best create and sustain engaging, empowering, and enthusiastic online educational experiences, for students and instructors alike.

Presentation Notes

  • Download the presenter's slides as a handout

3 Cs Presentation Handout
Download • 202KB
  • View the video Niya shares with her students about Enthusiasm, Engagement, and Empowerment

  • Read Niya’s Faculty Focus Article on Pedagogies of Welcome

  • Listen to the ThinkUDL Podcast to learn more about Universal Design for Learning

  • During the presentation, it was noted by an attendee that there is a limited color contrast issue in the text of the presenter’s slides. We provide feedback to our presenters and shared this note in our feedback. If you’d like to learn more about digital accessibility practices, including color contrast, we recommend WebAIM. Please download the handouts for a black and white copy of the presenter's slides.


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