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The annual subscription to OLT's learning platform provides subscribers with access to our growing library of short courses and live webinars for professional development. These offerings are designed to teach you how to simplify online course design and engage learners with easy-to-master methods and processes. 

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For a $75 / year, individual subscribers have access to:

  • Live and recorded webinars with downloadable resources such as worksheets and infographics

  • Entire catalog of courses and downloadable resources

  • Special offers (such as discounts on affiliated tech tools, books, and conferences)

  • Access to the OLT Community in our learning platform

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Why subscribe?

As a subscriber, you gain access to our growing library of short courses and live webinars, created to distill our combined decades of experience as online instructors and curriculum designers. We synthesize evidence-based practices for you, so that you can focus on prioritizing learning in your classroom. The content available to subscribers contains easy-to-master methods and processes. You will learn to utilize accessible and affordable tools to create learner-focused instructional materials and video instruction. If you are an experienced online instructor with existing original content, becoming a subscriber gives you effective and efficient ways to sustain your materials through robust ongoing development.


OLT Webinars

Online Learning Toolkit subscribers receive access to a growing library of short courses and live webinars that teach you how to simplify online course design with easy-to-master methods and processes. Webinar topics cover a range of topics, often based on OLT subscriber community requests. 

Topics include

  • building community in online courses 

  • setting course expectations

  • preparing for midterms

  • creating a communications plan

  • staying organized and time management

Clarity, Caring & Community-Building: Using the 3 Cs to Enhance Online Teaching and Learning Success

Presented by Niya Bond

Wednesday, August 26, 9:00am ET

Free Webinar (recorded for replay)

This webinar will cover strategies for enhancing online student engagement and success. Moving through a series of specific online teaching and learning tips, we will discuss ways to bring ideal online pedagogical philosophies, based around clarity, community-building, and caring, into virtual concrete practices. Finally, we will come together for a live conversation about how to best create and sustain engaging, empowering, and enthusiastic online educational experiences, for students and instructors alike.

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Designing For Our Courses With Canva

Presented by Judith Dutill, Clea Mahoney, and Melissa Wehler, PhD

Thursday, September 3, 6:00pm ET

OLT Subscriber and Fall-On-Call Webinar (recorded for replay)

During this online workshop we will discuss how to use Canva to create infographics and graphics for our online courses. Topics covered include design principles, using Canva for Education, and accessibility considerations. 

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Engaging Students with Pause Procedure

Presented by Melissa Wehler, PhD

RESCHEDULED: Monday, September 14, 4:00pm ET

OLT Subscriber Webinar (recorded for replay)

Presented by Melissa Wehler, PhD

Subscribe (an annual subscription includes access to our webinars and short courses)

Thursday, October 8, 1:00pm ET

OLT Subscriber Webinar

Active Learning Strategies in Online Courses

Presented by Judith Dutill

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November Webinar (additional information TBA)

OLT Subscriber Webinar

Productivity Strategies

Presented by Nikki Wehler

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Additional Fall 2020 webinars TBA

2020 Fall Schedule


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Subscribers receive unlimited access to our growing library of short courses and live webinars (and unlimited access to on-demand replays). Each course and webinar includes video instruction and downloadable resources (including resources faculty can upload directly into their online courses). 


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