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If you are an educator seeking do-it-yourself online course design guidance and how-to training, we are your support team. 


The Online Learning Toolkit provides course design instruction and professional development sessions about online teaching techniques for higher education faculty who teach online and around the world. 

Upcoming Webinars

Designing For Our Courses With Canva

Presented by Judith Dutill, Clea Mahoney, and Melissa Wehler, PhD

Thursday, September 3, 6:00pm ET

OLT Subscriber and Fall-On-Call Webinar (recorded for replay)

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During this online workshop we will discuss how to use Canva to create infographics and graphics for our online courses. Topics covered include design principles, using Canva for Education, and accessibility considerations. 

Engaging Students with Pause Procedure

Presented by Melissa Wehler, PhD

RESCHEDULED: Monday, September 14, 4:00pm ET

OLT Subscriber Webinar (recorded for replay)

Presented by Melissa Wehler, PhD

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In this webinar, you will learn more about the technique known as pause procedure and ways you can use it to engage your students. We’ll discuss designing purposeful, strategic “pauses” in our lessons and using tools to help us create meaningful “pauses.” We’ll also discuss leveraging these pauses to engage students from the first day to the final one.

About the Presenter

Melissa Wehler is an instructional design specialist and an experienced online learning educator. She specializes in creating community in online courses, using collaboration online, and inclusive teaching practices. She has worked in higher education for over a decade, including faculty and administration appointments. She is the co-founder of the Online Learning Toolkit, a digital community of practice dedicated to excellence in online learning, and a full-time instructional design specialist at a private, liberal arts college. You can follow her on YouTubeLinkedIn, and the OLT Blog.

Our Programs & Services

DRIVE: Online Course Design
Self-paced Course
Facilitated Online Teaching Support Networking & Community of Practice
Annual subscription to OLT PD Webinars, Replays, and Short-courses
Six-Week Online Course Design Group & Community of Practice

We specialize in facilitating fun, energetic, and joyful professional development programs.

Our Aims & Objectives


Inspiring you to create original instructional materials using affordable, reliable, and user-friendly tools

Empowering you to simplify online course design with easy-to-master methods and processes​

Teaching you to design accessible and engaging online learning experiences

Equipping you with great practices for teaching in online modalities including remote learning, blended, and hyflex learning scenarios

Staff & Admin

Supporting your faculty through every step of the course design process from concept to assessment

Developing your faculty in evidence-based online course design and teaching methods

Assessing and providing actionable  recommendations to improve online courses and online program quality

Customizing training and development to the unique needs of your educators

What People Are Saying About Our Programs

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Online Tutorial

Recent COOL Participant

Thank you for the excellent model of an online course. This attention to tone is often not present from other professional learning experiences I have had. The design that sets a sense of community is not easily created. I felt welcomed every time I entered the course and encouraged and invited me to learn.

Hotline Consultant

Recent PD Session Participant

Navigating the remote learning session now and want to extend my gratitude for this, it has been most helpful and truly engaging. Your passion is amazing and your energy equally so. I've been teaching in Moodle for many years now, but always appreciate new ideas, and literally within 10 minutes I learned a few new tricks. 


Recent COOL Participant

The passion and knowledge of the facilitators made the whole experience energizing. They made all the "campers" feel like we were colleagues and collaborators, not just students. Everything taught in theory was modeled in practice, and I believe both novice online instructors as well as seasoned veterans benefited from the content.

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Our Team

In our 20+ years in education, we have served as college faculty, instructional designers, and online education specialists. We are passionate about online teaching and learning, education development, and learner experience. We use the OLT as a platform for helping educators learn how to design and deliver effective online instruction using practical approaches and sustainable methods.


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The Onine Lecture Toolkit

The Online Lecture Toolkit is a CC BY NC SA licensed resource.

The Online Lecture Toolkit is an OER website designed to provide educators with the tools they need to create engaging and effective online video content for educational purposes. The approaches outlined there are practitioner- and evidence-based and designed for educators at every level of technological fluency. 

Remote Learning Resources

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Coming Soon: OLT's Remote Learning Strategies Site

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