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Your students may be used to being online, but taking an online college course is never as simple as uploading documents and starting a video call. At Online Learning Toolkit, we immerse you in a community of  peers who don’t want to just “do” online education. They want to enjoy it and get better.

Learn from experts on your schedule. Get customized support. You can build your confidence and design an enriching and lively online course — we’re here every step of the way.​

What we offer...

Camp Operation Online Learning (COOL)

Design better college courses after this six-week asynchronous “camp” experience!


Join us June 14-July 23 for a dynamic, supportive, and collaborative program. Get instant feedback from peers and the accountability that helps us all get more done in a shorter time frame. Plus, you’ll get expert instruction that fits into your schedule!

What we do...

Online Learning Toolkit isn’t just a list of handy tips or access to tools. You need comprehensive and customized support because your college or university has its own demographics, pedagogy, and technological needs. Led by experts with decades of experience, we offer camps, courses, workshops, webinars — you name it, we can create the right professional development experience. We love fun, energetic, and joyful training experiences.

What Kind of Faculty Need OLT?

Online learning, especially in the past year, has been more stressful and more scrutinized than ever before. But when you have confidence in your approach and you have a community behind you, you can feel rejuvenated. Faculty development should leave you feeling refreshed and excited about designing and teaching your course. We’re here to help college faculty and administrators from novices to experts. You just need an openness to collaborate and learn!

​Faculty who work with the OLT learn to:​

  • simplify online course design with easy-to-master methods and processes

  • design accessible and engaging online learning experiences

  • support online learners using inclusive online teaching practices

  • create original instructional materials using affordable, reliable, and user-friendly tools

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What Faculty Are Saying About Us...

"Thank you for the excellent model of an online course. This attention to tone is often not present from other professional learning experiences I have had. The design that sets a sense of community is not easily created. I felt welcomed every time I entered the course and encouraged and invited me to learn."

-COOL 2020 Participant

"Navigating the remote learning session now and want to extend my gratitude for this, it has been most helpful and truly engaging. Your passion is amazing and your energy equally so. I've been teaching in Moodle for many years now, but always appreciate new ideas, and literally within 10 minutes I learned a few new tricks. "

-2020 Workshop Participant

"The passion and knowledge of the facilitators made the whole experience energizing. They made all the "campers" feel like we were colleagues and collaborators, not just students. Everything taught in theory was modeled in practice, and I believe both novice online instructors as well as seasoned veterans benefited from the content. "

-COOL 2020 Participant

Work with Us

Camp Operation Online Learning (COOL)

Camp Operation Online Learning (COOL) is a six-week summer course design group that will guide you through the process of developing your online course.

June 14-July 23, 2021

Live Online Faculty Development Workshops & Webinars

Custom workshops and webinars can be created with your unique development goals in mind and delivered in a format (synchronous, asyhconrous, or hybrid/blended) that works with your institution’s schedule

Online Faculty Development Courses & Community of Practice

Courses provide in-depth coverage of a specific teaching and learning topic. Courses typically consist of multiple learning modules containing individual lessons and activities. 

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Upcoming Events

Free Webinar

Games and Learning: Designing to Support Habits of Mind

April 22, 2021 at 11:00am ET

Games in classrooms have a rich history of fun, play, success, and learning. The fun and playfulness of games help students of all ages connect to content knowing. This session shifts the focus to consider how game design reinforces content ways of knowing (habits of mind and dispositions). This session will discuss how game design builds ways of thinking and ways of knowing into game design. This session will offer practical design strategies and game shortcuts to connect educators, educational designers, instructional designers and more with game design that connects content to content ways of knowing in their classroom. 

About the Presenter

Dr. A. Nicole Pfannenstiel is a digital rhetoric scholar who studies videogames and literacies, digital writing, blog communities, and the use of games (and play!) in the classroom. Her work focuses on learning through and with technology, blending play, connected learning theory, games theories, and digital rhetoric to support learning and writing.

Dr. Pfannenstiel is an Assistant Professor of Digital Media in the English Department at Millersville University where she teaches classes in Web Writing & Content Management, Media Literacy, Digital Rhetoric, Rhetorical Analysis, and Composition. She regularly employs multimedia learning, Twitter, blogs, multimedia projects, and experiential learning to help students experience, learn from, and reflect on learning with course content to feel more comfortable and gain more experience with design and writing. Additionally, Dr. Pfannenstiel is the Interim Director of the Center for Academic Excellence, where she supports faculty in their teaching, research, and scholarship through faculty professional development programming.

Dr. Pfannenstiel earned a PhD in Rhetoric, Composition and Linguistics from Arizona State University.

You can follow her on Twitter @npfannen

OER Sprint.png

OER Sprint 

May 17-20, 2021

We invite you and your colleagues to join us for a blended OER Sprint. We will spend four days together: designing, developing, publishing, and reviewing open educational resources. Our workshop will focus on creating an OER infographic, image, or video. We will focus on using freely available tools and publishing content in the public domain, for free (using Creative Commons licenses). 


Camp Operation Online Learning

June 14-July 23

is a six-week, blended summer course design group that will guide you through the process of developing your online courses. Led by dynamic facilitators who are experts in online learning, COOL is dedicated to making the course design process fun and engaging for educators at every level of experience and technology fluency.


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