Ungrading for Equity

A flexible approach that can be applied to learning contexts to varying degrees, ungrading promotes student learning, risk-taking, and critical thinking. This approach to assessment addresses the power dynamics and inequities baked into both higher education and the grading process. In this session, participants will learn about some of the research on grading and see one model of ungrading in action. By the end of the session, participants will have expanded their knowledge of the dynamics that underpin the ungrading approach and will have considered how or if ungrading can work in their own instructional contexts.

Additional Resources

Ungrading: Why Rating Students Undermines Learning (and What to Do Instead)

David Buck's collection Crowdsourcing Ungrading

Jesse Stommel: Why I Don't Grade

OLT's Ungrading Traffic Light

Christine's Ungrading for Equity presentation slides

Presentation Slides
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Christine's statement on grading

Grading memo
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Christine's final exam

ENGL 101 Virtual Final Exam
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About the Presenter

Christine Nowik (She/Her/Hers) has taught at three community colleges, a for-profit institution, and a private liberal arts college while also holding administrative roles throughout the majority of her career. Currently the chair of English at HACC, Christine embraces the hybrid nature of the faculty/administration life while also sitting at the disciplinary crossroad of the humanities and social science. Her research interests include power, change, and thick intersectionalities.

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