Spring Onions
Spring Onions


Join us in our teaching support community for faculty teaching in asynchronous-online, synchronous-remote, and blended/hybrid modalities during the spring semester. 

What is Spring-On-Call?


Spring-On-Call is a teaching support community (Jan 11 - August 15, 2021) for faculty teaching in asynchronous-online, synchronous-remote, and blended/hybrid modalities during the spring semester. Spring-On-Call members receive access to live online teaching support from facilitators who are active online faculty, instructional designers, faculty developers, and experts in online learning. 


This program is the perfect solution for faculty or institutions seeking extra and ongoing online teaching support to carry us through an uncertain spring semester. 

What's included?

  • Monday-Friday access to SoC facilitators to answer your teaching questions

  • Weekly sessions on HyFlex, teaching with tech, and remote teaching

  • Special sessions on course design, teaching with technology, and more!

  • Lessons on course design, humanizing your course, leveraging tech, and more

  • Pop-up sessions on current events and hot topics

How much?

$99 for new community members

$75 for OLT, COOL I, COOL II, and FOC members


Institutional rates and invoicing available by contacting info@onlinelearningtoolkit.com

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Spring-on-Call Facilitators

Judith Dutill

Judith Dutill is an experienced online educator with over 15 years of experience working and teaching in higher education. She currently serves as an instructional designer for the eLearning division of a large nonprofit health system. Judith is passionate about bridging the digital divide, spreading media literacy, improving communication, designing instruction, advancing online learning, connecting with peers, leveraging educational technology, and developing accessible processes. 

Judith's recent work focuses on developing faculty multimodal literacies skillsets and effective speaking in digital contexts. As adjunct faculty, she teaches online courses in public speaking, desktop publishing, and media and society. She is cofounder of the Online Learning Toolkit, a digital community of practice dedicated to excellence in online learning. Connect with Judith on Twitter and LinkedIn or follow her online teaching adventures on the OLT Blog

Clea Mahoney

Clea Mahoney is an experienced higher education administrator and educational technologist. Her "day job" includes offering virtual and in-person consultations on teaching with technology to faculty and staff. She leads the design and facilitation of webinar and in-person workshops on centrally-supported instructional technologies at NYU, and collects an embarrassing amount of cat-themed cubicle decorations. Clea has an MS in Library & Information Science from Drexel University, and is currently pursuing an MA in Digital Media Design for Learning (instructional design). Explore Clea's foray into teaching online on her blog, connect on LinkedIn, or follow her on Twitter.

Melissa Wehler

Melissa Wehler is an instructional design specialist and an experienced online learning educator. She specializes in creating community in online courses, using collaboration online, and inclusive teaching practices. She has worked in higher education for over a decade, including faculty and administration appointments. She is the co-founder of the Online Learning Toolkit, a digital community of practice dedicated to excellence in online learning, and a full-time instructional design specialist at a private, liberal arts college. You can follow her on YouTubeLinkedIn, and the OLT Blog.

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